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Engineers Flying Club Inc.

N7278S, 1999 Cessna 182S Skylane

N7278S Information Manual (Refer to AFM for aircraft specific information)
Aspen EFD 1000 PFD Pilot's Guide
Garmin 430W Quick Reference
KAP 140 Autopilot Pilot's Guide
Insight Graphic Engine Monitor
Garmin 696 Quick Reference

Performance Specifications:

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AIRFRAME: Aluminum    
  Wingspan 36 ft 0 in  
  Wing area 174 sq ft  
  Length 29 ft 0 in  
  Height 9 ft 4 in  
  Gross Weight 3100 lbs  
 Maximum Landing Weight2950 lbs 
  Useful Load 1148 lbs  
  Basic Empty Weight 1962 lbs  
  Fuel Capacity 88 gal useable  
PROPELLER: McCauley Constant Speed 3 blades 79 in diam
ENGINE: Lycoming IO-540-AB1A5 230 @ 2400 rpm
PERFORMANCE: Never Exceed Speed (Vne) 179 kts  
  Cruise Speed (80% power) 140 kts  
  Maximum Range 820 nm  
  Rate of Climb (Sea Level) 924 fpm  
  Service Ceiling 18,100 ft  
  Stall Speed (flaps up) 54 kts  
  Stall Speed (flaps extended) 49 kts  
  Best Rate of Climb (Vy) 80 kts  
  Best Angle of Climb (Vx) 63 kts  
  Landing (over 50' obstacle) 1300 ft  
  Takeoff (over 50' obstacle) 1365 ft  
  Wing loading 17.8 lbs/sq ft  
  Power loading 13.5 lbs/hp  
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