Wiley Post Airport - Oklahoma City


Engineers Flying Club Inc.

N61571, 1975 Cessna 172M Skyhawk

Pilot Operating Handbook (POH)
Garmin 430 Quick Reference
Garmin 430 Pilots Guide Addendum for StormScope
Garmin GTX 327 Transponder Quick reference
Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel
Apollo MX20 MFD Quick Reference
Apollo MX20 MFD Users Guide
S-TEC-40 AutoPilot Checklist
Engine Analyzer Quick Reference Checklist
Shadin Fuel Management System Checklist
Auxilliary Fuel System (Aux/tip tanks)
Cruise Performance (Altitude/FF/RPB/HP) Checklist

Equipment &Performance Specifications:


Garmin GNS430 GPS/NAV/COMApollo MX20 MFD
Garmin GMA340 Audio PanelBF Goodrich WX500 Stormscope
Garmin GTX327 Mode A/C TransponderBendix-King KX125 NAV/COM
Garmin GTX327 Mode A/C TransponderBendix-King KX125 NAV/COM
Garmin WX500 Stormscope InterfaceKI525 HSI Slaved HSI/Gyro
S-TEC 40 Single Axis AutopilotKRA-10 Radar Altimeter
Standard ADF with RMIElectric Aileron Trim & Indicator
Standby Vacuum SystemAlternate Static Source/System
Shadin Mini-Flow Fuel Mgmt. SystemVolt/Amp Meter
Elec. Int'l US-8A Engine AnalyzerFlint-Aero Aux/tip Tanks (23 gals.
Additional useable fuel) with Elect.
fuel pumps and indicators

Performance Specifications

AIRFRAME: Aluminum    
  Wingspan 36 ft 0 in  
  Wing area 174 sq ft  
  Length 26 ft 11 in  
  Height 8 ft 10 in  
  Gross Weight 2550 lbs  
  Useful Load 1015 lbs  
  Basic Empty Weight 1535 lbs  
  Fuel Capacity 48 gal. with std tanks
23 gals. in aux tanks
PROPELLER: Sensenich Fixed Pitch2 blades76 in. Diameter
ENGINE: Lycoming O-360 180 HP @ 2700 rpm
    Power-Flow Exhaust System
PERFORMANCE: Never Exceed Speed (Vne) 160 kts  
  Cruise Speed (75% power) 125 kts  
  Maximum Range 470 nm  
 Aux Tanks 225 nm
 Total Range (71 Gals) 695 nm
  Rate of Climb (Sea Level) 730 fpm  
  Service Ceiling 14,000 ft  
  Stall Speed (flaps up) 50 kts  
  Stall Speed (flaps extended) 44 kts  
  Best Rate of Climb (Vy) 91 mph  
  Best Angle of Climb (Vx) 65 mph  
  Landing (over 50' obstacle) 1335 ft  
  Takeoff (over 50' obstacle) 1630 ft  
  Wing loading 13.2 lbs/sq ft  
  Power loading 14.2 lbs/hp  
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